Gauge Graph won't show when count(?) is 0

Hi all, I want to count the number of tests and to show how many if any have happened. To do so i use the following query which works so long is not 0:

SELECT count(“field”) FROM “measure” WHERE (“type” = ‘type’) AND $timeFilter

  • I am using macos with Grafana 8.1.1 and InfluxDB 2 as data source.

I have tried using value mappings but it seems they won’t work as grafana just says there is no row to begin with…

Any one with an idea?

Do the 0s display when you view your data using the table visualization? Screenshot?

Thanks for the answer @mattabrams , the count when there is data at least one return comes up:

I also tried and checked with out the count and other functions when i apply a condition that should have an empty or null return it only brings no data: Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 9.27.14 AM

I am not experienced with Grafana so i am struggling a bit here.


see this related issue:

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