⁠Fluent-bit to Loki, no data in Grafana

We are trying to send data to our Loki server via Fluent-bit, but unfortunately nothing ever arrives on the Loki side or in Grafana.
We see on the port that the data arrives on the Loki server, but somehow it is not stored or processed in Loki. So we don’t see them in Grafana either.
Does anyone have an idea what this could be due to or how we can get to the bottom of it?

Here is my config file from the fluent-bit, maybe this will help

    name     tail
    path     /var/log/messages
    tag      log_generator
    name        loki
    match       *
    host        myLokiServer
    port        3100
    tls         on
    tls.verify  off
    line_format json
    labels      job="fluentbit", agent_hostname="syslog"

Thanks in advance

Hi @romanmuh,
Have you checked if there are any errors in the fluent bit logs?
At a glance, everything looks okay with the input and output.