Flexible Min/Max values

I find a very common problem I have with Grafana, that I’m sure most people encounter, is that when set to auto min/max the graphs can do undesirable things. eg if I have a temperature graph but the temp has changed very little then I get a graph that shows bumps for every 0.1 degree change, basically it zooms in too much. So I set some min/maxes to keep the graph in check but then I need to pick something definite and that often doesn’t work too well either.

As an example, I have a temperature graph, I set the min/max to 0 and 40 because I don’t want it zooming in too much. Usually that works ok but on rare occasions it gets below zero here or above 40. The result is data cut off.

Another example is traffic data the has the occasional crazy high value. I would prefer not to show those, but the only way to do that is to set some sort of max. But then links that have little data show as almost zero.

Having some more flexible logic around the min/max values would be really useful. I’m thinking it would be as simple as being able to specify the min/max with an expression like <=0. That would force the min to be 0 or less. That would solve the temp issue. For the traffic graph I could set the max to <=100,000,000,000, so it won’t show traffic above 100gig.

Surely this would be a really useful feature for a lot of people, I seem to encounter this issue on pretty much every dashboard.

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