Fleet Tracking - Live Position

Is there any plugins that already exist for fleet tracking? I want to display a map with multiple positions of vehicles on it in real time? similar to

Dear @philump,

while this isn’t a solution yet, we are also looking into the same direction based on our Worldmap fork.

We also collected some resources around data streaming @ryantxu has been working on the other day. However, we haven’t been able to follow up on that recently.

On the other hand, we believe the most advanced Track Map Panel these days is:

Maybe this helps a bit. We will be happy to hear whether this resonates with you.

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Hello, @amotl , do you have a quick status about what would be the best solution as of now ? Thanks

Dear @op1,

today, as Geomap | Grafana documentation is the designated and official panel type to support drawing maps, I think it would be way to go. However, I don’t know any details about whether Geomap would support live streaming out of the box.

Maybe @mattabrams, @marcusolsson or @ryantxu can share some more insights on this topic.

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hello @amotl thank you very much for your very quick reply, yes live streaming is what I’m looking for.

what I’m trying to understand now (as you mentionned) is if geomap panel + mqtt-datasource plugin can collaborate to achieve live streaming. But I’m not sure about mqtt-datasource capabilities for elaborated message like this one {‘speed’:‘sss’, ‘position’:{‘lat’:‘xxx’,‘long’:‘yyy’}}.

have a good day

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Dear @op1,

We followed that topic for a while and collected some resources at Streaming sensor data into the user interface for live / real-time data - The distributed machine room - Panodata Community.

Last but not least, we discovered the other day that there is also an alternative MQTT streaming data source addon for Grafana, which I wanted to share with you in this context. Thanks, @svetb!

We will always be interested to hear back about any experiments and their outcomes on this matter.

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hello @amotl,

Thanks again for the update, this is very useful to me.

As in for the initial post of @philump, my overall goal is to display in Grafana, in soft real time, information on a fleet of vehicles, either of the whole fleet or of dedicated vehicle, on the map and also on panels aside from the map. don’t know if @philump succeeded in his task. I’ve started a personal post to avoid pollute his own post : Best way to realize a dashboard for a fleet management

I’m in the exploration stage, obviously, the two topics to look at are the data source and map display, Grafana already provides plugins (mqtt-datasource and GeoMap) that seem very well suited for the task.

starting with simple cases, I’m going back and forth between the two to understand the limitations, try to detect what could be the show stopper if any and what can be added or created on their base.

For mqtt-datasource, for now, I’ve flatten our topic messages, an that’s fine; for Geomap, I’m looking at how to tweak the data layers.

I’ll update my status along the path

have a good day.

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