First alert on first host mask following alerts even on differents hosts

I have read about this problem in other threads and on github but I am not able to find again the thread.
Anyway my problem is this:

  • I have an infludx db;
  • I do a query like from default cpu group by time AND HOST
  • I set an alert on cpu greater than 5
    Now if first host trigger cpu alarm than second host cannot trigger anymore cpu alarm.
    I remember I have read that this is by design.
    I hope there are workarounds because this renders a very nice product like Grafana unusable for me.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

Excuse me if I’m rude, it’s not my intention, but if you already know that it is by design, and you also know that it has already been commented on the forums, what is the purpose of your post?

It is simple, first I am trying to remember something about a thread of some time ago that I cannot find again.
So, because I do not trust my memory it may happen:

  1. I do not remember correctly
  2. a lot of time is passed and the software has changed
  3. someone meanwhile has found a workaround

I do not like creating new threads on old arguments so if there is really an old thread I will continue there.

Or if someone can give me the url of the original thread (if it exists).

Ok I have found it: