Filtering issue with grafana log metrics

HI i am using log report with elastic search datasource used log metrics , logs are displaying i need to filter the message with textbox i tried adhoc filter variable and textbox variable also but nothing is working. How can i filter messages ?

Hi @khan - if you’re using Grafana 7.1+ (please let us know which version to confirm) - there was a UI change in how this is done. In 7.1 you should be able to view logs using the query builder, by choosing ‘Logs’ from the ‘Metric’ dropdown:

Hi Samantha,
I have the same issue , ( Version 6.5.1 ) , I have a panel/table with logs metric but it’s not affected with any of my selection on the AdHoc filter ( all other visualization does ).
the only way to filter that I find is use the Lucene query.

is there any way link the lucene query to my AdHoc selection?