Feature request: Query performance analysis

Feature request: Is that possible adding query/render performance in Inspect Stats for each Panel? I want to know how much time for each step from sending a request to rendering the Panel:

  • Data Source search time for query
  • Grafana processing time (if doing data processing for server-side expression)
  • Data Source HTTP request time (total time of the Grafana-to-DataSource HTTP request for the query)
  • browser HTTP request time (total time of the browser-to-Grafana HTTP request for the query)
  • Result transformation time (before sending to Panel; for each step if possible)
  • HTML/JavaScript rendering time

Additional question: is that possible for Grafana to render real-time data with websocket? I want to try rendering Stock Market data.

we use Discussions for feature requests. I’d copy / paste this over there and then let people upvote it: