False alert on percent_diff() condition - don't know why - state history doesn't help me

Hi there, I have a problem with an alert that fired falsely recently and can’t even find out why. Here is a screenshot:

So the alert fired at ~3:15 in the morning. I wanted to set 3 conditions (alert when one of them is matched):

  1. When the total signal count (green bars) drop by more than 40% compared to 20min before AND compared to 60min before.
  2. When the total signal count is lower than 40 averaged over the last 2min
  3. When the success_ratio (blue line) is below 49% averaged over the last 2min

Now at 3:15 the state history says
“total_signal_count.sum=106.95876288659794, total_signal_count.sum=68.34381551362684”

  • What are those values? The ones that are compared in 1.?
  • Or are those the “current” values at the time of the alert?
    That would mean I have to increase the x in “now-xm” right? in order to wait for the bar to be “full”. Because when I look at the graph the values should be around 700.
    But why are this two numbers then?