Failed to send request to remote rendering service

Hi Guys please let me know if you can help me with this error. I am running Grafana v7.0.1 on a ubuntu server and is great the only issue I have is with the images on the notifications of if I try to create a Direct link rendered image. the emails notification do not include the image and if I try to create a direct link rendered I get an errror.

If I check the /var/logs/grafana/grafana.log I get this. I did install the plugin using this command
sudo grafana-cli plugins install grafana-image-renderer

error=“Failed to send request to remote rendering service. Get "http://localhost:8081/render?deviceScaleFactor=1.000000&domain=localhost&encoding=&height=500&renderKey=Ym50bYloekN2zom59Sa9KybSef3WwTWV&timeout=60&timezone=America%2FLa_Paz&url=http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%3A3000%2Fd-solo%2F11RFqyRGz%2Fcmos-palo-alto-firewalls-shsd-v4-1%3ForgId%3D1%26refresh%3D5m%26from%3D1591368138534%26to%3D1591389738535%26panelId%3D63%26width%3D1000%26height%3D500%26tz%3DAmerica%252FLa_Paz%26render%3D1&width=1000\”: dial tcp connect: connection refused

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Good afternoon. I’m having the same problems. version 7.0.3 only

Does “netstat -lptn” confirm that you have anything listening on localhost port


Hi @mmatos1were you able to fix this issue? same situation here


For image rendering, we have a documented article at:

There it defines the installation and configuration steps steps

Also, if there are issues after following the above article, then please follow this documentation for debugging it;