Extracting multiple value inside the JSON object

Hi Team,

I need to extract a src links (more than one) from the JSON response inside the message section. The response looks like below

I tried to use find between, but it only detect one link like below.

I’m sure, there is a better way to extract all the src links from the response. With use of some JSON extractor. Guide me on this.

Could you please show us a code snippet? And the full json object you’re trying to extract such information?

Hi @rdt.one ,

i can able to extract the first img src link with the below code snipper.

let doc = JSON.parse(response.body);
let myhtml= JSON.stringify(doc.message);
const srcs = findBetween(myhtml, ‘<img src='’, “'”);

But there are several links on the same message (myhtml) with the same right and left boundaries. Is there is away to extract all the img links. from the myhtml.

@Gerard yes you should be able to do so via regex. Maybe if you take a look at this can help you.

the html.find() works fine for me

let doc = JSON.parse(res.body);  
let myhtml= JSON.stringify(doc.message);
let out=parseHTML(myhtml);
    .forEach(function (item) {
        let temp= item.attr('src').toString();

Checking for regex also. Thanks @rdt.one .

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