Experiencing slow response on Azure Monitor plugin that probably influence dashboard load time

I have some dashboard that have at least 20 widgets.
All widgets executing different queries, using Azure Monitor plugin (one plugin for all of the widgets), against Log Analytics. Some of them heavier than others.
My questions…

  • Is there a way to trace the response time of each query? (from Grafana)
  • Some time it take about 1 min or more to load the dashboard, and see “Fetching…” or “Services…” in progress. Is there a way to understand why it take so long time? (what Grafana executing in back ground.)
    Note: I have 2 variables that also executing a query, to be able to filter widgets using drop down.
  • Is there any configuration that I can change\adapt to increase or decrease number of thread the plugin executes or number of user can connect to Grafana at same time?
  • Is there any suggestion how I can influence on performance\response?

Which version of Grafana are you using? We moved the plugin into core Grafana in 6.0 and the loading should be much faster now.

Thank you for the replay.
I using 6.4.3.

I’m still experience heavy load on loading data in dashboard from Log Analytics.