Execution Error: Alert execution exceeded the timeout

Hello All,

I’ve installed influxdb and grafana on an AWS instance, and have started pushing data to it via telegraf on several machines. All of the dashboards work correctly (both single value and graphs). Whenever I try to create an alert on a graph, I get “Execution Error: Alert execution exceeded the timeout”. Which is strange because I’m not doing anything crazy, and the graph itself works just fine.

The alert is basically When Max() of query A is over 60 or Max() of query B is over 60 or Max() of query C is over 60 alert. Simple as that, the graph shows values ranging from 40 to 50. Is there a setting I’m missing or maybe a config on AWS that would be different than a standard install to make alerting work?


So for anyone coming here after the fact, I was able to get around this and get alerts working. It has something to do with the AWS firewall, it’s allowing the graphs but not allowing the alerts. (weird). Anyways, if you switch the ip of the db instance to the internal ip or localhost (not external ip) of the db instance, and then set the connection mode to proxy (not direct). it’s able to do both alerting and graphing.

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