Example of a Live push request?

Hi! A friend of mine is looking for a something like traditional Grafana, but with much lower latencies - ideally closer to 100ms and streamed directly to the clients, as opposed to having to wait about a second. I found Grafana Live, but it’s not clear to me how to use it.

Some pieces of documentation seem to mention MQTT, others suggest that Grafana now has an HTTP/WebSocket endpoint that could be used to push the data? Could somebody clear that up for me? Could Grafana Live actually fit my use case? If yes, how to actually use it? Are there any pieces of example code or requests?

Is it likely that I’m missing some major piece of documentation? So far this seems to be closest to what I’m looking for, but there are no examples.

Streaming over websocket will probably give you the lowest latency. I (still) agree with you that the documentation from Grafana labs (on this topic) is just very poor, if any at all. You could check out this topic for a very simplified example: How to connect streaming data source to websocket? - #2 by grafana89e9

I have been using MQTT datasource plugin for about a year with good success.

This might also be helpful grafana-plugin-examples/examples/datasource-streaming-websocket at main · grafana/grafana-plugin-examples · GitHub