Evaluate alerts for hidden graph panels?

We have some success/failure, 0/1 type metrics, which we would like to alert on. Being essentially “is it working or not”, a graph panel isn’t really suitable (rather single stat or table), but alerts are only available for graph panels.
So, I created a table and also created three graph panels. I hid the graph panels in a row (as they were visually redundant - we just need the alerts for the data already shown elsewhere in the table).

Unfortunately, the alerts don’t work when the row containing the panels is folded/hidden. Only when the panels are visible do the little heart icons turn from white to either green/red. And when the row is hidden, the alerts aren’t even listed in the Alerts list…

Is there some config option that I’ve missed, to evaluate alert status even for hidden panels please?

Apologies… I’ve just seen that somebody else asked the same query and that this was fixed in v5.0.2.

This particular instance is still on v5.0.1, which explains why we’re seeing the problem. This is the perfect excuse for me to arrange for an upgrade to be done! :slight_smile:

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