Evaluate alert once a day

What is currently the best practice to evaluate an alert every day, with the certainty of knowing/ability to decide at what point in the day that alert would be evaluated?

I have set the evaluate every to ‘1d’ but that does not allow me to decide what time in the day though?


If you are using InfluxDB with Flux, then I believe your alert query could contain the hourSelection() function so that the query runs only for a given hour of each day.

@grant2 thank you for your response. I’m using Grafana Alertmanager with an Email contact point.

What is your datasource? InfluxDB? MYSQL? Prometheus? Zabbix? Something else?

@grant2 My data source is MS SQL Server.

Have you already tried using Mute Timings to narrow down the hour(s) each day that you want an alert query to be evaluated?

Yes, I have but that would be my last resort as I don’t think it’s the most effective solution since it would mean I would have to define different mute timings every time I want to create an alert that is needed to be evaluated at a certain hour/time of the day.
However, I have realized that it might be my best option, currently.