Error with dashboard variables parameters (Multi-value, Include All option)

What happened:
Our team has its own graph deployed on. In its functionality, I ran into a problem: the parameters do not work in the dashboard variable: (screenshot in the attachment).
In my opinion, the Multi-value parameter is not parsed, since if you select one element, the request works, and the Include All option parameter does not work completely, since when you select it, the panel freezes and is not updated.

How to reproduce it (as minimally and precisely as possible):
Versions of grafana and druid I set below. I use druid sql syntax to print data (screenshot in the attachment).


  • Grafana version: grafana-enterprise:9.0.0-beta3, grafana:latest, grafana:main
  • Data source type & version: druid 0.22.1
  • OS Grafana is installed on: linux
  • User OS & Browser: Safari
  • Grafana plugins: grafadruid-druid-datasource
sql query used:
  __time as "time",
  name as "service",
  count(sla) as " "
WHERE name in ('${service}')
AND __time >= MILLIS_TO_TIMESTAMP(${__from}) AND __time <= MILLIS_TO_TIMESTAMP(${__to})
GROUP BY __time, name

I call variable “service” in look like ‘$service’ and ‘${service}’. I received the same error in both cases.

Maybe I make something wrong?

It does not allow to me upload images in this topic(((

Hi @nikitaelmanov

I don’t know if you are doing something wrong, but I can say that the implementation for tmeplate variables is data-source plugin specific.

Looks like you are using a community plugin, so it might be worth making an issue over in that repo:

looks like that repo hasn’t seen much recent development…