Error "unexpected of JSON input" when dashboard refresh

Hello guys I’ve an issue that my Grafana dashboard error “unexpected of JSON input” when automatically refresh. My Grafana server using Linux. I’ve check by click the error and copy the code JSON then I check in JSON checker all code is fine no error found. I’ve upgrade Grafana into the latest version, but the error still come. Please anyone help me.

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Hello @usman.ahmad

I’m using grafana version v9.5.1. My datasource is using influxdb. The errors come randomly to all of my visualization such as time-series, bar chart, histogram, gauge etc. The logs error only “unexpected end of json input”

Thanks, @tubagusbaguz for providing the details.

Could you please provide us with the backend logs (the default location in Linux is /var/log/grafana/grafana.log) so that we can have more information about the error message?

Also, from which Grafana version you had this InfluxDB Dashboard setup and what is the InfluxDB version?

Thank for your respons @usman.ahmad the problem has been solved a few a days ago. The problem come from the method of get database. I change from http method from POST into GET and restart the service of influxdb also grafana. Hope this case can help others which have the same problem.


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thank, it worked