Error no matches for kind "K6" in version ""

I have a custom-resource.yml to deploy k6 tests on kubernetes. I have followed the documentation here to Running distributed k6 tests on Kubernetes

to successfully run these tests in K8s before. But, recently i have started hitting the below error

kubectl apply -f /path/custom-resource.yml
error: unable to recognize "/path/custom-resource.yml": no matches for kind "K6" in version k6ioalpha1

Below is how my custom-resource.yaml looks like

kind: K6
  name: k6-mbi-load
  namespace: k6-mbi-test
    app: k6-load-test-app
  parallelism: 4

Any help is appreciated.


Hi @madk6load,
Welcome to the forum :wave:

It looks like CRD definition wasn’t deployed in your cluster. Or since you had successful tests before, maybe it got destroyed by something?
You can check whether CRD is deployed or not with this command:

kubectl get crd

You should see output similar to this:

NAME        CREATED AT   2022-08-19T14:48:27Z

Normally, CRD is deployed with make deploy so if CRD got ‘lost’, this command should be re-run.

Let me know if that helps!

Hello olha,
Yes, that absolutely helps. It looks like something in the background has destroyed the CRD definition and i was blindsided by this.

I checked K6 CRDs to find out it does not exist anymore in the cluster.

Will investigate root cause and get this fixed. Thanks again for the quick response.


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