Error Fetching Data from Prometheus Data Source


I’m facing an issue while trying to fetch data from a Prometheus data source in Grafana and need some assistance in troubleshooting.

When trying to query data from Prometheus within Grafana, I’m receiving an error message stating: “Timeout exceeded. Check your Prometheus instance status and network connection.”

I’m using Grafana version 8.0.3 and Prometheus version 2.30.1 on my server. I’ve verified that the Prometheus data source is correctly configured in Grafana, and I’m able to access the Prometheus web interface without any issues. Despite this, I’m not able to retrieve data in Grafana and continue to encounter the timeout error.

I’ve checked the network connection between Grafana and Prometheus, confirmed that Prometheus is running without errors, and confirmed that the query is correctly formatted. I’ve increased the timeout settings in Grafana, but the error exist.
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I’m asking for help from the community on how to resolve this timeout issue when fetching data from Prometheus in Grafana. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help!

Thank you