Error C2664 on build


Hi, I’m trying to build the source and received the following error when running

yarn install --pure-lockfile:
error C2664: ‘v8::String::Utf8Value::Utf8Value(const v8::String::Utf8Value &)’: cannot convert argument 1 from ‘v8::Localv8::Value’ to ‘const v8::String::Utf8Value &’ [C:\Projects\Grafana\src\\grafana\grafana\node_modules\node-sass\build\binding.vcxproj]

I’m building on a Windows 10 PC. Yarn version 1.15.2. NodeJS version v12.0.0. npm version 6.9.0.


Does your node installation work? Have you installed node-gyp?

See the Building on Windows section for extra instructions for node-gyp:


Yes, my node installation works. I’ve installed node-gyp.
I reinstalled it and I still get the same errors…


I just googled this quickly and there are loads of people with similar problems with node, node-gyp and Windows.

There are a couple of different ways to install node-gyp. Are you using Python or the Visual Studio build tools? Looks like you have a problem with one of those.


I’m using the VS build tool.


Did you find a fix on Google (this is a common problem I think)? Not sure what your environment looks like (do you have multiple versions of Visual Studio installed etc.)

Probably something to do with node-gyp using the wrong version of the tools for your version of node.

  • Try installing node-gyp again using the node-gyp configure --msvs_version=xxx where xxx is the correct version of the vs tools.
  • Delete your node_modules directory.
  • yarn install --pure-lockfile

If that doesn’t work then you need to provide more information. Try running:

yarn install --verbose --pure-lockfile

And also, how did you install the build tools? Which version? Do you have Visual Studio installed as well? Did you install python?


Nothing seems to work… I have VS2017 installed and working… Python 3.7, Yarn version 1.15.2. NodeJS version v12.0.0. npm version 6.9.0.
Build verbose log file:!Agf00pIM7oRIkUghtmH6TSKhhzp3?e=VdEK0k
Thanks for the help!


Seems it is this problem: that node-sass 4.11.0 does not have support for node v12. Node 12 came out a few weeks ago and is the most recent version and not the LTS so you are living on the bleeding edge.

Grafana has not been updated to node-sass 4.12.0 yet (it only came out a week ago) but saw that someone in that thread had the same problem as you so not sure that 4.12.0 will fix it.

  • If you are using a node version manager like nvm then you can just switch to an earlier version of node.
  • If that is a pain, then try updating node-sass to 4.12.0 in Grafana (this will be upgraded in master soon, we upgrade npm packages regularly):
    yarn upgrade --latest node-sass

YES! That did it. Thanks a lot!
I propose to add this info to the FAQ…