Embedding Grafana without Iframe?

Hi there,

I know that Grafana can be embedded via iframes.
However, I came across this site: https://demo.decentlab.com/dashboard/db/swisscom-demo-air-temperature-and-humidity?refresh=15m&orgId=3

And I don’t see any iframes - how are they doing this?

Thank you very much!

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It’s not embedded, it’s a full Grafana instance with a light theme and a replaced logo.

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Damn - stupid me. I have no idea why I missed the obvious controls at the top, haha.

Do you maybe know an example where Grafana is embedded into an existing page?
We are currently evaluating solutions that could be used in our IOT platform.

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Hi! I have an existing web app. How can I integrate Grafana into this website? I need more than just an iframe, since I want to control the existing template varaibles. Thanks

Can you help me with my issue? Thanks!