ElasticSearch RollUp index

Has anybody have success with using rollup index from elasticsearch in grafana? I can’t figure out how to do it, so if anybody have some pointer or links to information it would be gratefully appreciated.


I do…

Above, I can select the server what I want…

Below my rollup-metricbeat

Unfortunately, my rollup just created below 30 days… :slight_smile:

Fadjar Tandabawana

Hi @fadjar340,

How do you add the data source in Grafana? Can you share your data source config?

Appreciate the response. Thanks.


This is the Datasource:

And this the query

Thanks @fadjar340,

I did setup the data source the same as yours but still failing. From log it mention error related to authentication/permission. I have double check the credentials used is correct. As I tested with normal indices it can query fine.

Just wondering, did you enable security/https in your elasticsearch?


Can you get the rollup index from curl command?
Also if possible, please paste the log that mention the error of authentication

Thanks for the response @fadjar340, sorry for the late reply. Currently not testing this, ended up using Kibana instead. But will revisit this in the future and test again. Appreciate your help! Thanks.

Just to update, I’m finally able to load roll-up index in Grafana. The issue I have previously is the timestamp. I refer back to @fadjar340 screenshot and now its working. Thanks @fadjar340 :smile: