Dynamic modify PostgresSQL data in Grafana

Hi all,
I have a postgres database with an excel spreadsheet which I use for threshold purposes in other panels.
I have 1 panel that display all the data and it is populated with a simple “select * from table” using a postgres datasource.

I need to update the data dynamically somehow in grafana, I can update/alter/insert data using the datasource and a query, but SQL language is not user friendly, and eventually the user will not have access to the edit panel section.

Is there any plugin/panel/custom code in Grafana that allows me to update my PostgresSQL database directly in the dashboard? Some kind of form that brings the data and allows it to updated it

Thank you

Check this grafana plugin

Hi @yosiasz

The problem with that plugin is the call to the DB… I cannot call it using the format that this plugin use http://localhost:port/database

In postgres datasurce uses https://localhost:5432 and it works because I am able to use the data in other panels.

the documentation is not clear (even with broke pages) I cannot make it work.

const bucketsSelect = elements.find((element) => element.id === “buckets”);


  • Set URL
    const url = http://localhost:3001/test;


  • Fetch
    const resp = fetch(url, {
    method: “GET”,
    headers: {
    “Content-Type”: “application/json”,
    “PRIVATE-TOKEN”: “$token”,
    .catch((error) => {
    .then(async (resp) => {
    const body = await resp.json();

    bucketsSelect.options = body.buckets.map((value) => {
    return { label: value, value };


That is the code for the initial request…
Buckets: PostgresSQL does not use buckets
Private-Token: PostgresSQL does not use tokens

My goal is to achieve something like this:
Control Panel | Volkov Labs with a pagination or a search option to update a specific element.

Another option is to use the plugin HTML Graphics and create everything by myself, but that is a different topic.

Maybe I am asking too much to grafana :smiley:

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Oops I think I posted the wrong article
Maybe @mikhailvolkov can point us to it

They have a very nice data manipulation plugin

Or maybe it was this one?


Could you please point us to what part is not clear or broken? We consolidated most of our documentation from GitHub in one place and may miss something.

The Data Manipulation plugin was created to use API for retrieving and updating the data. It’s possible to use data sources directly, and we have an issue open to look into it, but using API is a safer option.

We produced multiple YouTube tutorials to get Started for the Data Manipulation panel.