Duration in Grafana Silence Url

Hey everybody,

I’m trying to embed a link to silence an alert using grafana 10 and am struggeling with adding a silence duration to the url. As you can see in the documentation it is quite easy to create such an url by adding all parameters to it. But sadly I have no idea how to add a duration to the url link. I found some hints in the grafana api but even adding parametes like startsAt and endsAt did not work at all.

Does anyone have an solution for this? Is it even possible to add the duration to the silencing url?

Thanks a lot in advance,


You can’t create a silence using only the url params, in the source files, there is no duration parameter. The url only sends you to the alert silence page where you can specify the duration you want.

You were referring to the Grafana API, maybe you’re looking for “provisioning” Alert silences. If so, take a look Using API to silence all alerts with the new Grafana alerting - #5 by waardd

Hey Cleverness,
thanks a lot for your answer. We aim for using the url with parameters, not the api. It would not be practicable for us.

Do you know if there are any plans on adding the duration as url param?