Downgrade to 6.7

Hello everyone,
i developed my own react panel plugin, which worked fine until today morning my ubuntu upgraded grafana automatically to version 7.0. I do like the new version, but my plugin seem to have some issues with that upgrade.
I tried to solve that problems for some hours, but it seems to take a little longer so i decided to roll back on one computer to the version 6.7.x to keep it running until i got a solution for my plugin on my other computer.

How do i downgrade to a previous version?
Wouldn’t ubuntu automatically install the newest version with every ‘sudo apt-get update’? How do i avoid that?
Thank you for your help.

I have the exact same problem. I have created a react plugin for 6.x. I have installed grafana on the live server (latest version is 7 right now), and plugin is not working. The project would go live on monday, so I need a quick solution. The quickest would be installing Grafana 6.x on the prod server.
Sebastian, did you manege to downgrade or install 6 agian?
Anybody knows how to install older Grafana?

OK, next time I’ll google basic linux stuff before panicking:
sudo apt-get install grafana=6.7.4