Does Grafana version 6.7.3, allow user account locking if user do not login for specified period


We are using Grafana version 6.7.3 . We need to fulfil one security requirement which states that Product should lock the user account if user do not login for specified /configured time period.
For example - using Admin ,I create user “ABC” and if user :ABC do not login for some time like 10 days then his account should be locked and sometime some notification should generate in Grafana .

I find this link on garfana site :Manage users | Grafana Labs
" * Seen - How long ago the user logged in. If they have never logged in, then the default longest time (10y) is displayed."

Does this means that user will be locked if he do not login for 10 days.

No, it simply tells you how recently the user logged in, or “10 years” if they
have never logged in.