Does Grafana store data queried to disk?

For example, if I query 24 hours worth of data from SQL server and the next minute it executes the same query…it would be a waste to repeat 99% of the time. I think some data/metadata are stored in the Grafana\data folder but not sure if I can configure it to make it store more data and query it from there. If a lot of people have a dashboard where it refreshes every minute and it aggregates a month worth of data from SQL server…could be a lot of unnecessary queries.

That’s how it’s currently work for all Grafana datasources.

thank you, is there a place where I can specify how long or how much data I can store data in the config of the .ini?

Grafana doesn’t store any data, it only visualize data coming from integrated datasources. If you’re referring to a cache there’s none in Grafana.

Do you guys have any plans to allow caching data in the future?

That’s not currently on our roadmap, but we continuously adjust it as we see fit.

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