Do you know if Grafana has Cursor measurements functionality similar to osciloscopes?

Hi Everyone,

I set up my first Dashbord yesterday.
I am displaying time series data.
I am measuring soil humidity.

I am looking for similar " Cursor measurements" functionalities that you can find on Oscilloscopes.
There usually, you can do things like
Select an interval on the graph and get:

  • How long the time interval is
  • The min and max values in that interval
  • The rate of change of the value over the interval
  • The area under the graph

The most i was able to get was , on a Time Series Graph , under Legend, to add “Range” and so get the Min / Max of the displayed interval.

Do you know if this is covered by the default functionality or a plugin?


Hi @bogdanbelcea

What is your datasource? If you can use InfluxDB & Flux for queries, all of these things you want to know are fairly straightforward to calculate & display for a given time interval.

HI @grant2

Yes, I am using InfluxDB and Flux for the query.
I’ll will calculate the data via the query and figure out how to display it somewhere on the graph.

Thanks for the hint.