Do I have to open my source code if I using Grafana?

My company is developing a commercial monitoring tool using grafana.

The Following list is a tech stack.

  • Grafana (using version 7 now, but may upgrade someday)
  • Prometheus
  • Prometheus Exporter for our solutioin
  • Datasource that implemented json API

Exporter and datasource are close-sourced. Do I have to open these source code if I upgrade a grafana to latest version?

Hi @computerphilosopher

Sorry, let me ask for a little clarity here:

  • do you intend to modify the source code of any Grafana Labs product? And if so, which ones and how?

My team doesn’t modify the grafana’s source code. we developed a new datasource and the prometheus exporter.

if you aren’t modifying grafana’s source code then you should be fine :+1:


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