Different time stamp between 'Custom range' and 'Quick ranges'

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I noticed some strange behavior in Grafana. When I am defining time range using ‘Custom range’, for example date from 2018-08-05 00:00:00 to 2018-08-11 23:59:59, epoch time (ms) in query inspector is correct.

But when I select ‘Previous week’ from ‘Quick ranges’, it should be defined same as previosly selected ‘Custom range’, but epoch time in query inspector is different.

My local time zone is GMT+2, but dashboard is set to UTC, same as data in Influx are stored in UTC.

Where can be a problem?

DB: Influx 1.5
Grafana: v5.3.0-pre1

Looks like you hit the same issue that i had. You can follow this thread for progress

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yes it looks similar to my issue.


Similar issue also if timezone set to UTC the today quick range show correct time stamps but others like last 6hrs or 24 hrs is one hour ahead. Change to browser time and today is one hour behind and 6 hrs and 24hrs are correct. Is there a fix for this? or have i configured it incorrectly.