Different HTTP Response time results between K6 and Azure App Insights


I’ve run load tests on K6 and also have Azure Application Insights. I noticed K6 displays much slower results compared to the server response times in App Insights.
App Insights server response times according to MSDN - “This metric reflects the time it took for the servers to process incoming requests.”
K6 results:

Azure App Insights:
Server response time average - 29ms for this test duration. Nothing showing at all of a request taking 4 seconds like K6 is showing in the max HTTP wait time.

Why is there this difference? It makes me unsure which set of results is more accurate.

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Sorry not familiar with the Azure Application Insights, but I can guess that Azure’s metrics count only the time from receiving the request to processing it. Whenever the k6 also takes into account “network costs”, like on the screenshot, you can also see that TLS handshaking for some of requests took 8.66 seconds.

Just in case there, you can find descriptions of the Metrics.

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