Dial tcp connect: connection refused

Hi, hoping to get some help.

Trying to connect grafana to a local mysql server as a data source on my win10 laptop. I keep getting “dial tcp connect: connection refused”.

I’ve tried suggestions in previous posts but it’s not working.

  • Turned firewall off to check
  • port 3306 is open
  • can telnet to localhost:3306
  • can connect from command line GUI app with same settings
  • opened router firewall port 3306

I just can’t seem to get grafana to see the data source.

Any suggestions appreciated.

No suggestions out there?

A beginner question:

Is the grafana data source only local to my machine or is coming from the grafana site back to my machine?

If from external then is it resolving the localhost to the public IP itself or do I need to do something different?

Thanks for any help

very late, but to help anyone in the future, try this instead of localhost