Describe groups in setup()

I’m using the setup function and doing an initial API call that includes checks for http status code 200 and a certain response value.

I can see in my terminal it displays these checks under setup (I put each api call inside a describe block)

█ setup
█ IPGS RCS Integration.OAuth.Access.Token
✓ expected httpStatusCode match: 200

However in the html report it just shows Group - setup and nothing else.I do not see my ‘IPGS RCS Integration.OAuth.Access.Token’ group with the checks I did.

The describe blocks I have in the default function displays perfectly.

• Group - setup

Check Name Passes Failures

• Group - IPGW RCS Integration.Create.Payment.Intent

Check Name Passes Failures
expected httpStatusCode match: 200 2 0
paymentIntentId is ’ "6b85cac0-…’ 1 0

This is working correctly for me (k6 v0.45 with k6chaijs v4.3.4.3). I have multiple describe blocks that are printing to the console, and this even works if the all of the expects are commented out.
Maybe a variable not resolving?

Hi @richmarshall

It is printing fine to the console without any issues, but I don’t see the describe block or my checks on the HTML report.

That just shows setup with nothing underneath it.

My describe blocks and checks in the default function shows 100% without any issues.

So just to reiterate, my issue is not seeing my describe blocks and checks in the console output, it is specifically on the HTML report.

It shows my describe blocks and checks from the default function, but not from the setup function.

Sorry, that makes sense now. I was confused by the formatting of your example. I’m not using any HTML reports yet so did not have the context.
Are you using checks or expect? If you are using k6chaijs for describe (vs. standard group), doesn’t it make sense to use expect instead of standard check?

hi @richmarshall

you make a good point, i am using describe from k6chaijs but not actually using expect.

i will have a look at that although i doubt that is the reason why im not seeing the checks from my setup step because i do see the checks from my default function