Derived Links not getting TraceID from logs

Hi all,

I’m having trouble getting my TraceIDs from my logs with a link to Tempo

As you can see in the image, testing in derived fields the ID is found, but within explore its not populating and clicking the button just opens tempo to the side with no TraceID. Ive tried both TraceID=(\w+) and TraceID=(\w*) which both match to the ID when testing but neither is showing in explore.

To me this looks correct, any ideas on what is going wrong?

I’m using the latest Grafana, Loki and Tempo in Docker with this data source for Loki

- name: Loki
  type: loki
  uid: my-loki
  access: proxy
  url: http://loki:3100
  editable: true
    maxLines: 1000
      - name: TraceID
        matcherRegex: TraceID=(\w+)
        url: '$${__value.raw}'
        urlDisplayLabel: "Tempo"
        datasourceUid: my-tempo