Deleted user wont be created again when using LDAP


I have setup Grafana on a Ubuntu 17.10 server. When I was trying out the LDAP connection to my Active Directory I tried to login with my account and it worked fine and my username showed up under Settings -> Users in Grafana.

I didn’t have the config right as I wanted everyone to login with their email and not just their username so I deleted my account and tried again a couple of times until I had it right.
The user was created again every time I logged in but not anymore.

Now everything works as I want it to but my user isn’t created anymore.
When everyone else logs in to Grafana their users are created just fine, so it just my account that wont show up under Users.

I even tried to go back to the old LDAP config where it created my user the last time but that didn’t work either.

Does anyone know what could be wrong here?

Apparently I could just send an invite to myself and it seems to work.