Delete Help button from side menu

Hi, i want to delete totaly help menu from side menu. Where is the file that i must to look for it in source code?

Solved it :slight_smile: in /grafana/pkg/api/index.go

data.NavTree = append(data.NavTree, &dtos.NavLink{
Text: “Help”,
SubTitle: fmt.Sprintf(%s v%s (%s), setting.ApplicationName, setting.BuildVersion, setting.BuildCommit),
Id: “help”,
Url: “#”,
Icon: “gicon gicon-question”,
HideFromMenu: true,
Children: []*dtos.NavLink{
{Text: “Keyboard shortcuts”, Url: “/shortcuts”, Icon: “fa fa-fw fa-keyboard-o”, Target: “_self”},
{Text: “Community site”, Url: “”, Icon: “fa fa-fw fa-comment”, Target: “_blank”},
{Text: “Documentation”, Url: “”, Icon: “fa fa-fw fa-file”, Target: “_blank”},