Delete character with REGEX in "Value Mapping"

I am concatenating a special character to the front of a field-value to trigger whether I need that field to be highlighted (color change). I then use value mapping, to look for that character and set the color accordingly. Problem: once the color has been determined, I want to remove the special character. I have found that (Regex) coding /^!/ will successfully find any instance where there is a “!” character as the first character. But I cannot figure out what to put in the “Display text” field to get rid of the “!”. Any suggestions?.

You can use the replace function in your tool or application to remove a special character after it has been used for selection. For example, if you use the REPLACE function in Excel or similar software, you can specify the string to be replaced (including the special character) and replace it with the empty string, thereby removing the character.

Thanks for responding. I am aware of the “replace” functions used in those other products… I am however using the “Value-Mapping” screens within Grafana (v10.3.3). Within that screen, I can enter /^!/ in the “REGEX Condition” field, and it successfully finds those records and changes the cell to the desired color. However, the ‘!’ is still there…and WHATEVER I insert in the "Display Text: field simply replaces the ! … even if I put " " … Grafana LITERALLY replaces the ! character with all three " " characters!! Any other ideas.