Debugging Grafana Backend Plugin


I’m new to Grafana development and would like to learn how to develop backend plugins as described in I started to have a deeper look into the simple json backend datasource plugin (, and now I’m wondering how debug the GO coding with a debugger provided by VSCode or IntelliJ GoLand. As far as I understand, the plugin is registered with the Grafana server which starts the plugin backend code. Do I have to run the Grafana server in the IDE in order to debug backend plugin code or is there any other way to observe plugin execution inside a debugger?

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This tutorial hasn’t been published yet but in this PR, it describes how to set up debugging:

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Thanks, for the link. I’ll check and hope that I’ll be able to debug.

Hello folks,

It would be nice to have this covered step by step. I’m also trying to get clues to get it work.

As I see it is planned to be documented soon

Right now backend.Logger.Debug looks a only one best option for me.