How to debug the Grafana data source backend plugin?

I have finished the tutorial of Grafana backend plugin development.
I want to debug my plugin using that source.
I don’t know the settings and procedures, so please let me know.
Also, in debugging the Grafana backend plugin on VSCode,
Is it possible to debug using breakpoints?

My backend is in Java, so I was able to debug it as a remote java application using Eclipse. Not sure about VS Code though, but its probably something similar(Remote debug).

Thank you for your message.

I’m asking for plugin development information on Go.

Yeah I supposed, but still I think Grafana runs them the same way, as a background process.

For example, Grafana runs my plugin lets say on port 8080 as a background process, and it opens another separate port for gRPC lets say on 8081.
Then I add arguments for starting the program(plugin) for remote debugging and open another port for it.

Its very possible that Go has something similar, and maybe it is already built in SDK. Someone might confirm that, but that might be the way to investigate

I found a way to debug Grafana backend plugin using Docker. Thank you.