Datasource Config File Format for AWS IoT Twinmaker Datasource

Hello all. Trying to automate provisioning of Twinmaker datasource on startup with self hosted grafana (on EC2). Can’t seem to find documentation for the datasource yaml format required to make this work. This is what I have dropped in the /etc/grafana/provisioning/datasources directory but it’s not showing up when Grafana starts. Couple parts I know are wrong bc I had to guess:
authType: I am just guessing here, but I am thinking this is wrong
Not sure of the other parts

Anyone with knowledge of the required yaml for this Grafana provisioning datasource template that can lend a hand?

apiVersion: 1
name: AWS IoT TwinMaker
type: grafana-iot-twinmaker-datasource
access: proxy
basicAuth: false
isDefault: true
authType: aws_sdk_default
defaultRegion: us-east-1

Hi @sambiddl,

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You can take a look at this post where it is described as how to do provisioning (also contain links to the documentation).

Let us know if this helps :slight_smile: