Data_source_proxy_whitelist clear documentation or at least example

Hi Community,

Please kindly share documentation or at least example of how to use such security parameter like “data_source_proxy_whitelist”
The reason for my question is:
In docs it says “Define a white list of allowed ips/domains to use in data sources” however if I try to use this config parameter (I know it can be skipped by I really need it) regardless of what IP or host-name I’ve added to the white-list all the time I’m getting the error “Data proxy hostname and ip are not included in white-list” in ALL my dashboards, where I don’t expect Grafana to use it’s own query through the proxy.
I did try already: - Prometheus server ip (which is my data-source)

  • Grafana server’s ip(and host-name too)
  • My machine’s ip (end-user’s IP)
    Result remains the same.

What I’m trying to achieve and why I need this config to be turned on:
I do have Prometheus, where you all knows, there is authorization exist
I do have few Grafana dashboards with predefined queries and restricted access for particular users.
I need to let user’s be able to see data in dashboards where they have access to and at the same time prevent them to try to use Grafana’s proxy mechanism and query Prometheus through it

Didn’t find anything related to my use-case in documentation or even in Google, so will highly appreciate any valuable input.
Thanks in advance

No one has any thoughts about and never try to use this option in live?