Data source: Azure Monitor: Math: (Failed_requests/Total_requests * 100) Send alert when failed requests are 1% of Total requests > on slack

Hello guys,
I want to create Dashboards inside panel and do do the similar tasks where,
I get the data from Azure monitor as data source and I need help to create the graph on basis of
Failed requests/Total requests * 100 And then, I need to send alert on basis of this when the Failed requests raised to 1% of total requests

I tried using Transformation however, the task is also to send an alert on basis of the given query. It says that by using Transformation could not send the alerts

Can anybody please help me here by guiding how could I be able to get solution on basis of above query?



you will be able to recreate this behavior via grafana expresions (see About expressions | Grafana documentation ) this will allow you to create your math operation and trigger an alert based on the result.