Data migration from Grafana 9.3.6 to Grafana 10.2.2

I restored the backup taken from Grafana 9.3.6 to Grafana 10.2.2 (Bitnami Grafana). I use PostgreSQL for this.
The Grafana migration script throws an error when starting the Grafana pod.

{"level":"info","logger":"migrator","msg":"Starting DB migrations","t":"2023-12-12T05:40:56.272863865Z"}
{"id":"add last_applied column to alert_configuration_history","level":"info","logger":"migrator","msg":"Executing migration","t":"2023-12-12T05:40:56.296360394Z"}
{"duration":"764.999µs","error":"pq: column \"last_applied\" of relation \"alert_configuration_history\" already exists","id":"add last_applied column to alert_configuration_history","level":"error","logger":"migrator","msg":"Executing migration failed","t":"2023-12-12T05:40:56.297125762Z"}
{"error":"pq: column \"last_applied\" of relation \"alert_configuration_history\" already exists","level":"error","logger":"migrator","msg":"Exec failed","sql":"alter table \"alert_configuration_history\" ADD COLUMN \"last_applied\" INTEGER NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 ","t":"2023-12-12T05:40:56.297168342Z"}
Error: ✗ migration failed (id = add last_applied column to alert_configuration_history): pq: current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of transaction block

The Grafana migration script is adding the column again which already exists. How can I resolve this issue during backup and restore?

Any progress with that? Got a similiar issue after trying to migrate to postgres.