Data loss at dashboard refresh

Hello all,

I have the following problem in Grafana v9.0.3
I aggregate data in a widget with a different time frame (24hr) than the dashboard (30m).
When I close my table or stat widget, the dashboard refreshes and I lose some data.
For instance the sum of scrap_qty goes from 15 to 13.
When I reopen the widget and click in and out the query, the correct values appear again.

2023 04 12 _ grafana pb11
2023 04 12 _ grafana pb2

Do you know what might cause this?


I found my problem was the interval, having data on 24h and ~1000 max data points, it created an interval of 1m, while some of my records were only seperated by a few seconds.

Two solutions :

  • Group data by 1h in my query
  • or increase the max data points to reduce the interval (example 10 000).