Data Links query from other Table

Hi everybody,
i´m looking for the following solution:
I have a Table with data and its working fine. I now like to Link one colum in this table witch looks for the value in this tabel and than add a link to the value in each colum.
is this posible?
if yes how?
thanks and kind regards

Would this link take the user somewhere or change some visualizations in the dashboard only?

in the Panle i have a table:
Like this for example

Head1   Head2    Head3
Some    Val 1       Some other Text
Text    Val 2       Some other different Text
Here    Val 3       Some complet other Text

i would now like to set a Link on the Values from Head3 but it should not be the value insite the table. i like to grab the link information from another querry.
For example:

Head1                           URL
Some other Text       
Some other different Text
Some complet other Text

so that the other querry grabs the data end return the link from the second database.
I hope thats a good explain of what i try to do

Someone here to help me in this case?