Dashboard Variable. How to access the step count?

to monitor my server process worker i created the following dashboard variable as a interval

then i attached the dashboard variable into the query options < relative time of my influx query

So far it works. However i do not understand how grafana generates the query options < interval time. I mean yeah a can set it manually. But i assumed that this is what the Auto option < step count in the Dashboard Variable Setting is for. So i kept it empty.

These are the Values Grafana automatically shows me in my influx query under query option if i choose my dashboard variables.

Dashboard Variable: 1h → Interval → 10s
Dashboard Variable: 6h → Interval → 20s
Dashboard Variable: 24h → Interval → 1m

If i increase or decrease the dasboard < Auto option < step count number nothing changes.

What i assumed is when i put the Auto option < step count to for example to 10 and the Dasboard Variable is 1h it would generate a 6m interval.

So my question is how can i access the generated step count? My Variable is workers_time so is there a $workers_time.step_count Method or so? Or i am completely misunderstand the Auto option ? Or do i have to put it into my Influx Query directly? But then once again how can i access the the auto generated step count to tell influx what the interval should be?