Dashboard that shows capacity from lorawan chirpstack server


I am using Grafana version 9.5.3.

I have a LoRaWAN test lab with multiple sensors connected to a chirpstack gateway. The data is sent through influxdb to grafana.

I would like to know how much capacity is used and is left ie how many more sensors can I install. I’m not sure how I should start with this. Can anyone give me some recommendations?


“Capacity” of what?

When you say “how many more sensors can I install”, which part of your setup
is it which sets a limit on this?


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I mean network capacity, whether or not the gateway can receive
messages from large number of nodes.

I would like to set limits for data rate, spreading factor, number of defected packets among other things and from these parameters, evaluate how many sensors I can further install

for starters can you share sample of your influx data as csv here like this


we have no idea what your data looks like