Customizing TimeSeries component in custom PanelPlugin

For a long time I’ve been trying to add graphs to my network weathermap plugin, ideally using Grafana’s own built-in timeseries graphing capabilities so as to be consistent and, I think somewhat mistakenly, my own ease of maintenance.

I can in fact get the basics working by digging through Grafana’s existing usage of the TimeSeries component (specifically here) but I am wondering if I could have some guidance on actually passing configuration / options on visuals to this component. I really just want to make it use the “classic palette” for the line colors (replicating the timeseries panel’s behavior which just sets different colors for different series), but I cannot find out how to change the config of TimeSeries component to set different series to different colors.

I can even see the standard options being set to the palette in the integrated timeseries panel here but I can’t tell how this ends up being passed down through the TimeSeries component to actually affect the graph.

Thanks for any help!