Customising "Istio Grafana Dashboard JSON Document" in order to create alerts

I am using Istio Grafana Dashboard JSON in order to create dashboards in Grafana. So I want to automate the creation of alerts in dashboards through the dashboard JSON configuration. So is there any configuration details that need to be added to dashboard json to create alerts.

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It sounds like you’re looking for a solution similar to provisioning where alerting rules would be generated for dashboards programmatically. I’m I on the right path, here? This is a feature that isn’t available in Grafana 8 alerting, at this time, but it’s on our roadmap.

For a little background, grafana 8 alerting decoupled alerts from dashboards entirely, except in the case where an explicit linking is created as part of the alert rule. Previously, alerts were tied to dashboards and could be considered to be an optional configuration for them. With Grafana 8 alerting, alerts are an independent, first class concept. This makes the automatic generation of alerting rules for every dashboard problematic.