Custom variables in alerts

Hi all, I’m new to grafana and loki. Currently, I am configuring an alert:
- name: status_5m
interval: 5m
- alert: status_event
expr: sum(count_over_time({app = “atlas”} |= “CALLBACK_REQUEST_JSON_PAYLOAD” |= “cancel” [5m])) > 0
for: 1s
severity: status_alert
description: ‘Cancel event from status app {{$statusId}}’

I’m curious is it possible for me to create a custom variable {{$statusId}} that picks value from the log itself? Log data looks like this
“level”: “INFO”,
“loggerTime”: 0,
“productType”: “1”,
“providerId”: “3”,
“request”: {
“statusId”: “6E7325”
“threadName”: “pool-44-thread-1”,
“timestamp”: “2023-01-30T07:02:32.196Z”